A Small Piece of Wonderland

If these sick of living tied and feel that the whole world wants to lose, it is in those moments when you can get the better of you, that there is something in us that makes us unique, makes us the people that nobody want to be, that we are innovative and revolutionary.
Some call us weird, others do not look at us, but in reality they want to be us, they will want to note with the same ease as we do.

I've always wanted to live in Stand By, eat a cookie, burn this "city" ...
For though we part and we see more of our music, our cinema, our art in general, will we stand together, as if we never stopped laughing.

Something tells me we'll go to see, that does not stop there, this is only a small piece of wonderland.

We escape from all this together ... Overall, we are most "normal"
(Polly by nirvana, Stand by by Extremoduro, This fire by Franz Ferdinand, Unintended by Muse, An End Has Start by Editors)

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