A little story for the subway

I heared this story in the subway:
One day, a beautiful princess decided lived one adventure, she was bored in that big palace, isolated of the strange big world.
In his bedroom She made an idea to flee and see this big city called "Dridam", she only knew what listened in the tales.
It must be said that what the princess' tales show is stories of the real world, nothing like unicorns o leprechauns. No fairy, no blue princes and of course nothing of adventures.
The next day, she opened the back door and ran as fast as she could. When the princess returned the head to saw if anyone had followed, she no saw nothing...
Free, free to live adventures and know special people like poets o scientists, but in front of her no had nothing, only a big desert.
"Where is Dridam? Surely not here." -She thought- "But the tale said the city is two steps of the palace of the king, the king, my father!"
She grumbled of that stupid tale and the lies writen in the book. Around the palace only had sand, useless sand of this useless desert, nothing more... O so she thought.
Dridam had a big street you couldn't saw the end from the begining, two towers that only you could saw when you tilted and one big gate with the biggest clock that you can see that only you could see when the sun goes down. That city are hide to the strangers, and she was a very strange women.
She sat and after much thought maybe she was wrong, she reminded the complete story. You could saw Dridam if you write in the sand "Welcome to the village". She wrote the words quickly before she forgot. The princess looked to their sides and... and... and nothing.

-Un texto que estoy haciendo para ingles y no me ha quedado nada mal... Aun esta por acabar.

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Tatsuki Arisawa Kriptos dijo...

Sí el contenido mola un montón y está genial, pero hay algunos fallitos ;) Por lo demás... love it! ^^

Vibi dijo...

Ya sabes... No soy perfecto

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